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2011 03-10

Athletes Spring Into Training with Nike Vision

Spring is here and for Major League teams that means one thing - Spring Training. And while there are scores to be settled this season, one thing a growing number of players agree on is the performance of Nike Vision baseball eyewear. On fields around the country, more MLB players have kicked off their Spring Training season equipped with Nike Vision eyewear because it delivers the performance they demand.

Baseball Pro’s like Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red Sox and Mark Teixeira of the Yankees choose Nike Vision’s Show X1 and Show-X2 because they fit just right. When the game comes down to the wire, they need performance eyewear that can adapt to different conditions and the Show X1 and Show-X2 feature adjustable temple arms, adjustable ventilated nose bridge and interchangeable lenses. Players agree, the overall design hits it out of the park and they perform as well on the field as they look off the field.

However you decide to sweat it out, kick-start your Spring Training season with Nike Vision performance eyewear.

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