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2011 11-03

Nike Vision on the fast track to Rio

Three days, 72 hours and 600 kilometers of grueling terrain is the challenge that over 200 athletes endured in the SP-Rio Race—the largest relay race of the American continent. The race course called the Coisadaboa, began in Sao Paulo and traversed over asphalt, sand and tracks to Rio de Janeiro. In this third annual event, many of the adrenaline-fueled athletes wore Nike Vision eyewear, ideal for helping runners focus their eyes for extended stretches and reduce the tiring effects of high-frequency light.

As race participants ran 30 kilometers per day for 3 days in an intense, almost hallucinatory experience, they confronted the changing light conditions head on with Nike Vision’s MAX Tint technology. Those wearing the Nike MAX Speed Tint, found the brilliant South American sun no obstacle during their pursuit for the finish line. Other competitors wearing the Nike MAX Outdoor Tint capitalized on their crisp visibility of the Rio-Santos Highway as they navigated through shadows, bright sun and dimming light.

The Impel Swift and the recently introduced Tailwind 12 , are just two of Nike Vision’s running-inspired styles that made their appearance on the South American course. Both of these lightweight, nylon-framed sunglasses offer stability and comfort in a patented durable design. In addition, athletes find the adjustable nose bridge and anti-fogging features optimal for the demanding physical challenge.

Steadfast, resilient and consistent, both the athletes and their coveted eyewear crossed the finish line leaving nothing behind but the desire to participate in next year’s event.

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