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2011 10-04

The Show-X2 Makes the Playoffs

Fall leaves are hitting the ground and baseball fans are flocking to the stadiums, which could only mean one thing—Major League Baseball playoffs have arrived! Nike Vision athletes Evan Longoria, Mark Teixeira, and Elvis Andrus, who made the final regular-season games so enjoyable to watch, plan to stride into the playoffs wearing Nike Vision’s Show-X2.

Tamps Bay’s Evan Longoria, earned the Rays the AL wild-card spot, by hitting his second home-run of the game (in the 12th-inning) to beat the Yankees 8-7. Down 7-0 going into the eighth, Longoria’s first homer brought in three runs, finishing a six-run burst—giving the Rays and their 29,518 fans the momentum they needed to capture the win.

Longoria, who plays third base for the World Series contenders, throws, catches and even dives for the ball in his Show-X2s. Their secure wrap temple arms keep them securely in place and the 8-Base Sport Wrap frame design maximizes visual coverage. With a position that requires him to react quickly, Longoria finds the Show-X2’s Nike Max Optics technology most beneficial. Only the patented design of Nike Max Optics has zero distortion straight ahead and minimal distortion across the complete curve of the lens. Competitor eyewear only claims accuracy straight ahead.

Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira, who contributed his own homerun (a grand slam) during the AL Wild Card qualifier, also finds the Show-X2 the perfect eyewear for game play. The Yankees, who also made post-season play, continue to battle the Detroit Tigers in the initial chase for the AL Division title.

Elvis Andrus, the Ranger’s 23 year old rookie shortstop, hopes to help his team defeat Tampa Bay in the American League Division Series. As part of the deadliest offense in baseball, Andrus takes his time at the plate seriously. With a .279 average to maintain, seeing the ball from release all the way to the bat is incredibly important for a player expected to deliver. Whether the sun is at full-force or the shadows are rolling in, Andrus relies on the Show-X2’s interchangeable lenses to help him see clearly throughout the seventh inning stretch. With a broad array of performance tints, MLB athletes like Andrus can optimize their vision in any lighting condition.

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