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2014 03-25

Athletes Stories - Paul Casey

Nike Staff Athlete, Paul Casey, understands the importance of wearing Nike eyewear on the course, for protection and enhancing his game.

Listen to Paul Casey talking about his Nike sunglasses and The Nike Max Transitions Golf Tint during an interview with The Grill Room radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio during The Honda Classic.


Paul wears Nike Max Transitions Golf Tint in the Show X2 style.

Nike Max Optics delivers an advanced, high-precision solution to the world of sport. Only the patented design of Nike Max Optics has zero distortion straight ahead and minimal distortion across the complete curve of the lens.

The Nike Max Transitions Golf Tint enhances critical details of the fairway and green, muting visual information you don’t need and amplifying the ball to help you track your shot. Specifically tuned to the game of golf, this lens adapts to the light on the course, whether it’s in full sun or under the clouds.

  • Engineered specifically for the visual challenges of golf.
  • Contours of the green are enhanced.
  • The white of the ball visually “pops”.
  • The Nike Max Transitions Golf Tint shifts from
  • a 50% visual light transmission to a 26% VLT based on available light

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