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2013 04-01

Durant Rocks Nike Specs

The ticket to street style lies with the right specs. At least this is according to Kevin Durant and his fellow NBA players who have made chunky, unmistakable spectacles an off-the-court phenomenon. For Durant, these are not only prescriptive specs but accessories for his cool confidence and meticulous style.

Any fan of Durant’s knows KD focuses on game basics, mastering ball fundamentals to excel. “As a player you work on the details. It’s how you win. It’s how you get to the top,” says Durant.

This minute approach to the game is echoed in his style. He drifts from buttoned-up and tailored to casual mod. Whatever he chooses, the look is his own, refined all the way down to his eyewear. When he dons his trusty backpack in post-game interviews, he polishes it off with a buttoned-up, iconic oxford and dark-rimmed, vintage 7213.

His street casual leans more metropolitan, pairing a neutral, relaxed, taupe cardigan with a silky smooth, teal and deep purple T-shirt. Then he hits it with a pair of Nike’s jade-tinted 7202s.

Channeling the reign of pitch black as the ultimate club attire, KD dresses up an ebony jacket, jeans, and T-shirt with edgy crystal red N7203s. With a look that would make James Bond jealous, Durant dons a classic teardrop Nike 8221 with a tailored navy suit and punches it with a thin, knit, lavender tie.

In many ways, Durant epitomizes basketball’s uncanny merge of sport and fashion. More than a game, basketball elicits its own culture and street fashion. Take Hip Hop. Artists don NBA jerseys and Durant’s own Nike KDV’s. The reigning king of rap culture put his stake in the game, buying the Nets and wearing court sneaks with classic Armani suits.

Now KD’s the one to emulate. He’s hailed as one of the best all-time players in today’s game who explodes in the paint and dominates the game. He recently netted a career game high 52 points and sunk 21 out of 21 points from the free throw line.

His success hasn’t changed him. Fans appreciate his cool, professional, conduct off-the-court and his down-to-earth attitude. To kick it like Durant, check out some of his favorite specs:


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