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2012 08-28

May-Treanor Makes It Three In a Row & Leaves Behind a Legacy

Nike Vision athlete Misty May-Treanor gave Olympic fans more than just an exciting championship game. Those that watched her collaborate with Kerri Walsh-Jennings to win a third Olympic Gold Medal, not only witnessed amazing athleticism, but they saw passion, inspiration and an unrivaled spirit that will be forever remembered.

In their final Summer Games together, May-Treanor and Walsh-Jennings became the first women to win three Olympic beach volleyball medals of any kind. Adorned in her Nike Vision Show-X2 eyewear and her customized Nike Swim beach volleyball suit, May-Treanor was nearly perfect in her performance on the royal stage.

May-Treanor who was the target for serves, found strategy and placement would prevail over power at the net. Interchangeable lenses in her Nike Vision eyewear made it easy to track the ball in bright sun or night skies and proved to stand up to the golden girl’s aggressive play. She dug impossible digs, chased out-of-bounds balls and the popular Show-X2s never faltered.

While fans watched the volleys culminate to game point, there were more than just thoughts of Gold running through the champion’s head. After eight happy years on the court with Walsh-Jennings, a short two-year break and then a reunion that led up to London, May-Treanor knew this would be the last game they would play as a team. Falling to their knees as the rivaling American team’s serve went long on match point, May-Treanor was overcome with emotion. She high-fived the Horse Guard Parade Dance Team and hugged her teammate over and over.

“I was like, ‘I hope I’m not rubbing it in anybody’s face,’ but I was so excited,” said May-Treanor. “I just had to get out there and let it out.”

May-Treanor said she will retire to raise a family with her husband, Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Matt Treanor. And although the finale of the 2012 London Olympics marks her retirement, May-Treanor has expressed interest in coaching to continue her work as an ambassador for the sport.

In terms of on-court accomplishments, May-Treanor is the greatest beach player of all time. She is categorized among the greats, Wayne Gretsky, Michael Jordan, and Mohammad Ali, as an athlete who achieved unprecedented success and mastered her sport. But no matter what accolade May-Treanor receives, she continues to be a positive role model who ALWAYS has time to talk to her fans.

When asked why she was signing autographs and taking pictures with every camper at Gimmillaro’s volleyball camp, she said, “You never know what conversation will change somebody’s life”.

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