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2012 10-09

Misty May-Treanor Drops in at Nordi’s

It was one of London 2012’s truly iconic wins. Misty May-Treanor and her teammate became the first, and only, women to win a three-peat – count them – three consecutive gold medal wins in Olympic beach volleyball finals.

In a “welcome home” appearance, native California girl, May-Treanor dropped in to sign autographs at the South Coast Plaza Nordstrom in Costa Mesa, CA. It’s located just a stone’s throw from her hometown, Long Beach, and alma mater, the Long Beach State 49ers. She was in Nordi’s to promote her iconic Nike Vision Show-X2 sunglasses made famous when the entire world watched her epic win and undeniable victory celebration. Within moments of her taking the gold, fans inundated search engines and nikevision.com to get a pair of her specs. Almost instantaneously, she became an It Girl and the glasses a must-have accessory. When Nike Vision released the Team USA glasses to Nordstrom, the U.S. retailer sold out within 24 hours.

It’s no wonder. May-Treanor is the greatest beach player of all time. She is categorized among sports royalty like Jordan and Ali. At one time, kids wanted to “Be like Mike.” Now fans want to be like Misty.

Having a female athlete as a worldwide role model is an incredible feat when you consider that women’s sports traditionally have lurked in the shadows of men’s. But that is changing. May-Treanor and her fellow female teammates dominated the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, taking home more gold than almost any other country’s combined women and men’s gold medal count. That’s right, just the ladies.

When asked about the prominence of women athletes, May-Treanor proudly pointed to those who paved the way. “Title Nine. I wouldn’t be doing it unless the women before me did. And, now, so many young kids are out playing - the sport has grown tremendously.”

It’s this active lifestyle that makes May-Treanor’s Show-X2 so popular. The interchangeable lenses can handle any light condition, or in Misty’s case, help in tracking the ball from spotlight to sunshine. Dual lenses add stability for confidence to get aggressive and take the lead without considering if your eyewear stays put. Nike Max Lens Technology gives athletes precise views, whether it’s watching out the corner of your eye for that setup or staring down a back-slope, double-black diamond with a clear, fog-free view.

On this day, at Nordstrom, customers lined the block and clamored for the chance to meet this modern superhero, get an autographed picture, and choose from a variety of Nike Vision eyewear. “Nothing is like coming home,” said May-Treanor. “If my being here, sharing my journey – or something as simple as having great glasses – brings more people to the sport, more athletes to aim for gold, then I feel I’ve done my job.”

A great job in deed. She’s the winningest volleyball player of all-time and a down-to-earth person with a need to pay it forward. She clearly is an inspiration, especially to the ecstatic fan who won the raffle and got her hands on an original May-Treanor Olympic jersey.

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