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2012 10-23

Nike Vision catches up with Michelle Wie: Q&A

We recently caught up with LPGA player and Nike Golf Athlete, Michelle Wie. See what she had to say about her passion for the game and why she chooses Nike Vision eyewear.

What do you like most about golf compared with other sports?

I enjoy the fact that every day brings new challenges - a new course, different conditions, new pin placements. It keeps me motivated and continuously engaged to get better.

How do you select which Nike Vision sunglass styles to wear and why do you prefer those styles?

I like the brown tint – anything with brown tint – because the green colors pop out more and allow me to see better color contrast. I also prefer bigger shapes because they cover peripherals.

How long have you been wearing Nike Vision sunglasses? How do you feel about wearing Nike Vision which has special Asian fitting styles compared to other brands which may not fit as well?

I’ve worn Nike Vision eyewear ever since I’ve been with Nike. Nike Vision products, especially the Asian fit styles, fit better than others and conform to my face better. I also love Nike Vision’s wide variety of styles that have great performance attributes.

How do you feel about wearing Nike Vision on course? Do you feel it gives you an advantage for seeing and helping improve your performance?

Nike Vision on the golf course allows me to see better in bright conditions and my eyes are not as strained throughout the round. Brown tints with Nike Vision help me see the green color contrasts better and allow me to see subtleties of the golf course more accurately.

Do you like to wear sunglasses in your everyday life? Do you like plastic styles more than metal?

Yes. I wear Nike Vision glasses and sunglasses in my daily life. I love the vintage collection and wear them on a daily basis. I like both plastic and metal styles but prefer plastic frames and polarized lenses when I’m out in the ocean.

Good luck to Michelle Wie this weekend at the Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship in Taipei, Taiwan. Check out some of her favorite Nike Vision styles for competition and for every day.

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