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2012 01-25

Nike Vision introduces Nike MAX Transitions®

Nike Vision teamed up with Transitions Optical to create new adaptive sunglasses that are specifically engineered to improve performance in sports such as golf, trail running, and hiking. These new transition sunglasses are an important game changer – they respond to changing light and give athletes an important piece of equipment to help them step up their performance.

Steve Tripi, global marketing manager for Nike Vision, announced, “With Transitions Optical’s advanced photochromic lens technology and Nike Vision’s patented Nike MAX Optics, patented engineered tints – such as Max Golf Tint and Max Outdoor Tint – these are the new must-haves for anyone wanting to see sport better, without having to think about it.”

It can seem cosmetic, but color is actually one of the most important considerations in the function of a lens. In different lighting situations, certain colors enhance vision better than others. Nike MAX Transitions sunglasses feature two patented tints, engineered precisely to enhance the visual details of the natural environment encountered during specific sports and activities.

Nike MAX Transitions/Golf Tint – a violet color designed to improve contour recognition on the greens and increase ball pop.

Nike MAX Transitions/Outdoor Tint – a green color that brightens the shadows, increases contrast and enhances the visual spectrum in natural environments – like hiking and trails.

Nike MAX Transitions sunglasses will be available in March, in featured Nike styles and accessory lenses:

• The Show-X2 style is designed to deliver grip, stability and comfort. They feature adjustable temples and an adjustable ventilated nose for stability. They offer reduced fogging and are ideal for baseball and training, golf, tennis and cycling.

• The SQ frames are inspired by the design of the Nike SQ golf clubs. They provide wide coverage with minimal visual interference and are ideal for golf and training.

• The Nike MAX Transitions lens, will also be offered as an accessory lens for the Skylon Ace, Skylon Ace Pro and Show-X2 Pro. All of the Nike Transitions lenses are polycarbonate material and, like all Nike and Transitions lenses, block 100 percent of UV rays.

Download the Press Release here

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