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2016 10-03

The Story Behind the Nike WING

Nike, Zeiss and VSP Global have redefined eyewear for elite track and field athletes. Together they have answered their own questions, how do you create fast in a three dimensional form and have a design so intimidating it looks like speed?

Always thinking of the athlete first, Nike set out to create an unprecedented eyewear style that improves performance and changes the game, underscoring its commitment to a holistic speed system while making an aesthetic impact through disruptive design. Nike designed a frame that essentially becomes a part of the athlete’s body.

Developed with a new method and materials not before found in the optical field, the limited-edition Nike Wing Sunglasses exemplify cutting-edge performance. Unbroken lines inform the Nike Wing’s unique shield design, which effortlessly cuts through wind so you can achieve maximum speed. Ventilation and a secure fit provide peak comfort and acuity.

The Nike Wing is a single-body curved shield that extends the traditional lens to eliminate hinges. The disruptive glasses also incorporate fractal cuts and a peaked middle “speed crease” to enhance aerodynamic flow. The one-piece shield lens and nylon frame were created through an intensive development process refined with the help of 3D prototyping. The resulting design is ultra-sleek and extraordinarily light.

True to its name, the Nike Wing weighs four grams less than an average piece of eyewear and contacts the face and head in fewer places. The design’s final touch comes from the lens surface, which features Nike’s Speed Tint to reduce glare while allowing all red light, which has a calming effect on the body, to enter the eye. It is finished with a silver flash — a word Nike hopes will also describe the velocity its athletes achieve with the assistance of its unprecedented speed system.

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