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Nike Swoosh.


in Nike Stratus

Location: London

“I moved, jumped and changed direction at high speeds and these glasses didn’t budge! It gave me the confidence to move like I meant it. Felt secure and lightweight. An amazing fit—and when they were on, I felt everything looked more real than real life itself.”

Courtney Fearon Courtney Fearon Courtney Fearon
Nike Swoosh.


in Nike Windshield Elite Pro

Location: Toronto

“I train outdoors, and the wrap-around lens provides full coverage from the sun, while the grip keeps the sunglasses from slipping, allowing me to perform high-intensity movements without any distractions.”

Jennifer Lau Jennifer Lau Jennifer Lau
Nike Swoosh.


in Nike Windstorm

Location: Los Angeles

“These can handle all the change-of-direction drills in my HIIT sessions, and, with the contoured frame, I can see clearly during every drill. I can train confidently.”

Brian Nunez Brian Nunez Brian Nunez
Nike Swoosh.

Tara A.

in Nike Maverick RGE

Location: New York

“Perfect pair for training and hours of dynamic movement. Easy-wearing, comfortable, with no fogging and no pressure on my face.”

Tara A. Nicolas Tara A. Nicolas Tara A. Nicolas

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